Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ahhh, Christmas

I'm really getting excited about the next few weeks. This Friday, we have Parent's Night Out at the church - we take care of everyone's kids so that they can go out. We'll have food, games, crafts, movies, etc. Next week, is going to be like a roller coaster ride of busy-ness.
Sunday - Church Chistmas program in the AM and caroling in the PM.
Monday - Ladies Dessert Recipe Exchange at the church
Tuesday - Rob's eye appointment in the AM and Girl Scouts in the PM
Wednesday - Christmas Concert at the school
Thursday - School Christmas parties in early PM & Christmas party and meeting at the camp in the evening
Friday - I and the kids leave for Joplin
Saturday - Mom's graduation and party afterwards
Somewhere in all this craziness, I have to make a cake and cupcakes, pack, buy gift exchange presents, teacher's presents and a few more presents for our kids.
Then the kids and I stay in Joplin until Tuesday morning. We'll come home and the only plans we'll have is a candlelight program at church on Christmas Eve. Then, we get to relax and enjoy Christmas.