Saturday, August 7, 2010

I saw Jesus!

This summer has been ridiculously busy and at times very stressful. We have had so many camps, meetings, appointments, trips, VBS's...the list goes on and on. Now that the summer is coming to a close, I was thinking about all that we have done and am just dumbfounded. We have had some amazing opportunities and gotten to know some really great people. The pinnacle of the summer was this past week. I saw Jesus!

I saw Jesus in six teenagers who paid money to sleep in tents, get eaten by bugs, sweat their socks off and work very hard for people they've never met. I saw Jesus in three adults who gave up a week of their time to do all that and show love to six teenagers. I saw Jesus in a man that stepped out of his comfort zone and let God show him amazing things. I saw Jesus in a couple who is preparing to move to New Zealand and plant a church. I saw Jesus in a young woman who gave up her plans and let the LORD lead her to establish and work for a non-profit organization to support an orphanage in Kenya. I saw Jesus in college students and campus ministers who are sold-out Christians and are open to His leading. I saw Jesus in a couple who is preparing to move to Thailand to teach and share the gospel. I saw Jesus in a tearful minister with a heart for all of God's people. I saw Jesus in a woman who works all summer in a busy kitchen for no pay so that under-privileged kids can have an opportunity to come to camp. I saw Him in breadline workers, generous strangers, ranch hands, a middle-aged woman and a hard-working camp staff. I saw Jesus in a little almost-nine-year-old girl who chose to ask Him into her heart and is now embarking on the most amazing journey of her life. I even caught a glimpse of Jesus in me.

It was a phenomenal week! There were little things that warmed my heart and big things that broke it. There was discomfort and sweat and dirt and manure and I wouldn't trade a second of it. I would have loved to stay at camp and keep that mountain-top high just a little longer. But all good things must come to an end, right? I had to pack up our things and say, "good-bye" to so many wonderful people that I met. I had to come home and wash our laundry and water the plants and feed the cats. But I hope I never, ever stop seeing Jesus. I want to look for Him and find Him in people I encounter every day.